10/22 Nickel Receiver

Base price: $375.00

Product Information

Color: Nickel
Price: $375
Weight:  22.56 oz 

Our 10/22 receivers are manufactured from forgings, two types of special Bronze Nickel alloys and the third is an Aluminum Alloy.

These receivers were designed to fit all Ruger standard parts, barrels and BX-triggers assemblies. Our barrels are made to fit the Ruger receivers, so our barrels are a perfect fit with a slight tap in with a rubber mallet to install the barrel.

These Nickel bronze receivers are in production.

Purchase Information:

You may purchase this receiver directly from us; however, you will need to find a local gun dealer to receive it for you. Please contact a local firearms dealer near you to see what they will charge to receive a receiver for you and for doing the background check.

Credit cards cannot be accepted for receiver purchases. Acceptable forms of payment are personal checks (minimum 3-day delay after deposit to ensure clearance) or cashier’s checks.

Please have your gun dealer fax a copy of their FFL with your name on it to Fax. 865-408-9210. Or your dealer may call us to set up other arrangements on Tel. 865-408-1545.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs