About Our Rifle Barrels

F.J. Feddersen Rifle Barrels

Fred has perfected the art drilling the perfectly, straight hole

At F.J. Feddersen, when we looked at steel blanks, we see opportunity. We have a vision for producing and honing the perfect gun barrel.

Each step in the Feddersen gun barrel making process requires specialty machining. Over our history at F.J. Feddersen we’ve invested in the best technology available. When technology and equipment we needed to achieve our desired results did not yet exist; we pioneered its development. We’ve crafted our rifle barrels to perfection by not being timid in the pursuit of excellence. In 2019, Feddersen’s manufacturing facility is flush with leading-edge equipment, seasoned operators, and patented processes working synergistically to produce the high-precision gun barrels.

What goes into F.J. Feddersen rifle barrels?

From within our specialty shop walls, we begin with a proven recipe with our primary ingredients being Chrome Molybdenum and stainless steel. The tensile strength of the steel is measured as the force needed to break a steel rod with a one-inch cross sectional area when pulled by both ends. The tensile strengths of the steels used in Feddersen barrel making exceeds 100,000 lb per square inch.

Single-edge polygonal rifling (SEPR) process – F.J. Feddersen dual-patented barrel rifle technology used a hybrid standard and polygonal approach. Our patented SEPR technology significantly reduces bullet deformation with less engraving upon firing. Fired bullets have a symmetrical trajectory through the barrel and exist in the straightest line possible. Our SEPR process also ensures the tightest seal of the projectile. This superb seal significantly reducing escaping gases and loss of gas pressures.  This benefit of this design when shooting match-grade ammuo at sub Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy. The SEPR rifling is also paired with Feddersen’s unique lapping and boring process, which produces a straight and glass-smooth rifle bore.

Honed for the best

Honing is a process that removes radial reaming marks from the interior barrel and allows us to achieve an impeccably round barrel. With honing, the finer the grit, the rounder the hole becomes during the process. Feddersen typically use 600 and 1,200 diamond grit. A perfectly round hole in the workpiece also gives the best results when adding specialty rifling.

What do you get when add a F.J. Feddersen rifle barrel to your firearm?

  • Increased shooting accuracy
  • Tighter shot group
  • Increased barrel life
  • Reduced friction and heat
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Expanded functionality 

We’ve made additional enhancements to our barrels available based on preference and long-term functionality. Choose from polished, threaded for suppressor attachment, and the addition of a Williams sight to get the maximum experience on your barrel, additional charges apply.

  Firearm Length Barrel Type Price Range: Enhancements:
Ruger 10/22 Takedown 16.25″ Bull $189-$254 Polished 
22 Long Rifle 16.25″ Bull Fluted $165-$280 Threaded 
17″ Heavy Taper Contoured/Matte Black $170-$245 Addition of a Williams Sight
18″ Contoured/Matte Black $170-$245
22 Magnum 16.25″ Bull $165-$280
16.25″ Bull Fluted $185-$250
18″ Bull $180-$295
18″ Bull Fluted $200-$265


I need help choosing the right barrel for me? Start a conversation with F.J. Feddersen. 

See the difference of a Feddersen barrel in your competitive or professional shooting. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures your barrel experience is fully protected. After you’ve tried your Feddersen, if you don’t love it, we will make it right.   Shop our riffle barrels and improve your shooting accuracy, risk-free.