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Made in USAF.J. Feddersen is a Made-in-America Company

F.J. Feddersen is an American specialty gun barrel manufacturer based out of Loudon, Tennessee. Our dedicated team of innovators and gunsmiths have decades of experience manufacturing match-grade barrels for Ruger® 10-22® rifles chambered in .22LR and .22 Magnum. Our precision 10-22® rifle barrels come in several profiles from bull, fluted bull, contoured, and heavy-contoured with an extreme taper. We also produce popular match-grade gun barrels for Glock® pistols including Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 22, Glock 23, and Glock 34. And finally, FJF produces match-grade 1911 Government and 1911 Commander pistol barrels.

Our Lifetime Pursuit of the Perfect Gun Barrel

F.J. Feddersen customers appreciate the improved accuracy and perfect fit of our precision-manufactured gun barrels. Our barrels are the result of a 40-year-plus labor of love and obsession with milling the perfect barrel. F.J. Feddersen’s mission has been the relentless pursuit and passionate dedication to creating the best pistol and rifle barrels for our customers. Our highly experienced barrel smiths use the patented technological advances along with decades of real-world experience to redefine what is possible in a precision gun barrel.

Going Beyond “Factory Standard” to Match-grade Gun Barrels

F.J. Feddersen Match-grade gun barrels for popular pistols, and 10/22™ rifles

For professionals and firearm aficionados, once you’ve reached the moment in your development that you are ready to go beyond “factory standard” components, you are unlikely to go back to basic gun models. When your desire to be more precise in your shooting reaches an apex, you are ready to investigate gun barrel improvements for your pistol or rifle. Investing in a specialty match-grade barrel will give you the biggest improvement for the buck when it comes to your firearm’s performance and handling. 

We Stand Behind Our Gun Barrels

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our promise to you is simple. Try our barrels and love your results or send it back. The F.J. Feddersen guarantee lets customers invest in their shooting experience with the peace-of-mind that only comes when you are working with a trusted leader in precision gun barrels.

The Experts Review F.J.Feddersen Gun Barrels

Our match-grade gun barrels perform at world-class levels but don’t just take our word for it. Read independent reviews of how F.J. Feddersen Glock Barrels compare to other “match-grade” barrels in MajorPandemic Glock Barrel Test, among other favorable reviews of our 10-22® barrels.