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When we look at steel blanks, we see opportunity. 

At our core, F.J. Feddersen is constantly innovating. We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection in the competitive field of match grade rifle and pistol barrel manufacturing. The proven  gun barrel production technologies that we’ve developed benefit our customers with impressively accurate firearms. We welcome the opportunity to leverage our tools and process to manufacture match grade barrels for other manufacturers or enthusiasts who want the best gun barrels available.

We have a vision for producing  perfect gun barrel.

In 2019, Feddersen’s Tennessee manufacturing facility is flush with leading-edge equipment, seasoned operators, and patented processes working synergistically to produce the high-precision gun barrels. Each step in the F.J. Feddersen gun barrel making process requires specialty machining and expertise to get the best out of the equipment. Over the years, F.J. Feddersen has invested in the best technology available, often championing new processes. When technology and equipment we needed to achieve our desired results did not yet exist, we pioneered its development. We’ve crafted our rifle barrels to perfection by not being timid in the pursuit of excellence. We will use every trick-of-the-trade, technology and skill to achieve the results that F.J. Feddersen gun barrels are known for.

Barrel Honing:
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Barrel Harmonics:
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FJF Metallurgy:
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SEPR Process:
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12-Point Inspection

We love our barrels, so much so that we invest the time in inspecting our barrels, literally, inside and out and every stage of manufacturing and finishing. We’ve closely studied the inside of your barrel to ensure it is perfect before it leaves our factory. The results are 100% quality barrels that achieve unparalleled accuracy. Learn more…