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What goes into F.J. Feddersen’s rifle barrels?

From within our specialty shop walls, we begin with a proven recipe with our primary ingredients being chrome-moly vanadium and stainless steel. The tensile strength of the steel is measured as the force needed to break a steel rod with a one-inch cross-sectional area when pulled by both ends. The tensile strengths of the steel used in F.J. Feddersen’s barrel-making exceed 100,000 lb per square inch.

F.J. Feddersen has perfected the techniques required to work with these demanding materials to create precise, match-grade gun barrels for 10/22™ Rifles, 10/22™ Magnum Rifles, 1911 Commander pistols, 1911 Government pistols, and a variety of Glock pistols.

 FJF Rifle Barrel Metallurgy

Our precision-manufactured 10/22™  rifle barrels and 10/22™ Magnum rifle barrels are milled from 4150V chrome-moly vanadium steel with the precision and quality you have come to expect from FJF. Our barrels are given a black coating that will provide years of hard-wearing protection and corrosion resistance to your rifle.


FJF Pistol Barrel Metallurgy

Our precision-manufactured gun barrels for Glock, 1911 Government, and 1911 Commander pistols are milled from 416 stainless steel with the precision and quality you have come to expect from FJF. Adding one of our barrels is like getting an instant upgrade that improves the accuracy of your shooting. 416 stainless steel is hard-wearing and tough ensuring durability and reliability over time. All pistols barrels are bead-blasted for a matte finish or polished for a reflective finish.