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The highly skilled machinists at F.J. Feddersen take extreme pride in the barrels that we make.

We love our barrels so much so that we invest the time to inspect each one…literally, inside and out and every stage of manufacturing and finishing process. We’ve closely studied the inside of your barrel to ensure that it is perfect before it leaves our factory. Each F.J. Feddersen passes a rigorous 12-point inspection before it is considered a F.J. Feddersen barrel.  The results are 100% quality barrels that achieve unparalleled accuracy.

This kind of fanaticism pays off for the owners of our gun barrels. These barrels can compete at the highest levels and set new world records. F.J. Feddersen manufactured the 50 caliber BMG rifle barrel used by Dale Arenson who set a new Light Gun World Record, with a score of 298 with 18 X’s (300 is a perfect score). Also, check out our Youtube video, where a rifle with a Feddersen 10/22 Magnum barrel is shown cutting cards from 100 yards distance.

The level of craftsmanship that goes into each F.J. Feddersen barrel can only be fully appreciated by seeing the result in the improved accuracy while hitting your target. We recommended fitting a F.J. Feddersen pistol or rifle barrel to your gun for instant returns on accuracy. It will be most accurate barrel you’ve ever shot with. We guarantee you’ll be happy with it.