About Feddersen

F.J. Feddersen, a manufacturing company with a custom-built factory and headquarters in Loudon, Tennessee, is a US-owned and operated company and was founded in 1979 by Fred Feddersen. The 17,500ft² facility is stocked with a number of state of the art high-precision CNC machines, including lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, gun-drilling machines and heat-treating ovens.

We manufacture our 10/22 precision target rifle barrels from heat-treated Chrome Moly steel. Our .22 magnum and .22 long rifle barrels are button-rifled. Using our patented gun drilling methods and proprietary manufacturing processes, we guarantee our barrels to be as perfectly round and straight with precision dimensions to fit your rifle and ensure bore uniformity to provide supreme barrel accuracy as we can get.

Our barrel manufacturing process ensures that our 10/22 rifle barrels have the roundest, straightest, smoothest bore possible, resulting in one of the most accurate target rifle barrels available for the 10/22. All our barrels are finished with a blued-finish.

FJ Feddersen manufactured the 50 caliber BMG rifle barrel used by Dale Arenson who set a new Light Gun World Record, with a score of 298 with 18 X’s (300 is a perfect score). Check out our Youtube video, where a rifle with a Feddersen 10/22 Magnum barrel is shown cutting cards from 100 yards distance.

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