About Feddersen

Our customers want the straightest barrel, with the smoothest rifling, the least bullet deformation during chambering, with the most concentrically round and perfectly balanced bullet available. … My goal in life has been to work through each of these points to strive for single hole accuracy.”

– Fred Feddersen, F.J. Feddersen Owner/Founder

For 40 years, F.J. Feddersen has been manufacturing gun barrels unlike any on the market. Our founder, Fred Feddersen, is a relentless problem-solver and innovator with 12 patents under his belt and more pending (ranging from bottle blow-molding to run barrel filing). Since 2000, FJ Feddersen has been located in East Tennessee. Our nearly 20,000 square foot shop features top-of-the-line machinery including Mills, lathes, CNC machines, heat-treating ovens and more.  Within our walls, F.J. Feddersen makes top tier barrels

What goes into making the most accurate rifling currently on the market is an amalgamation of superior chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Fred has “honed” his proprietary 12-part process throughout his career and much of it is proprietary and deeply complex. A few innovations that make Feddersen barrels unique that we can brag about:

SEPR Process

F.J. Feddersen produces the most accurate rifling currently on the market. We achieve our results, in part, through our single-edge polygonal rifling (SEPR) process. This dual-patented barrel rifle technology applies a single edge area and a polygonal area separating the grooves. This produces a completely unique hybrid standard and polygonal rifling. SEPR technology reduces substantial deformation of the bullet with minimal engraving. Bullets achieves a more symmetrically trajectory through the barrel, existed in the straightest line towards the target possible. Further, our SEPR process ensures a tighter seal of the projectile, significantly reducing forward escaping gases and minimizing loss of gas pressures. Ultimately, this design has the capabilities of shooting match grade ammunition at sub Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy.

Barrel Harmonics

The world’s most competitive shooters have barrel lengths that maximize powder burn and velocity. This gives them improved accuracy as ranges increase. F.J. Feddersen began experimenting with barrel dynamics while testing our 10/22 barrels. Our 16.25-inch barrels were out-shooting our 20-inch barrels with CCI SV ammo. Our data showed specific barrel cut down lengths are harmonically balanced to certain rounds. Within our barrels, we work diligently to optimize both length and harmonics in our designs.

Feddersen knows Honing

Among his many innovations, Fred is a believer in the power of honing to make the best barrels on the market. Honing is a process that eliminates radial reaming marks and achieves perfect roundness and straightness in a barrel. We are one of only a handful of shops in the United States that have the machinery capable of honing at the Feddersen level and even fewer that hone only on the pull stroke (just one of the powerful processes that make a Feddersen). After honing, our barrel roundness is down to a point where a tenth-reading dial-bore Gage barely flutters.

12-point Inspection Process

We love our barrels, so much so that we invest the time in inspecting our barrels, literally, inside and out and every stage of manufacturing and finishing. We’ve closely studied the inside of your barrel to ensure it is perfect before it leaves our factory. The results are 100% quality barrels that achieve unparalleled accuracy.

The level of craftsmanship that goes into each Feddersen barrel can only be fully appreciated by seeing the result in the improved accuracy in hitting your target. We recommended getting a Feddersen barrel in your hands, on your rifle or pistol. It will be most accurate barrel you’ve ever shot with. We guarantee it. 

At our core, F.J. Feddersen is constantly creating and innovating and relentless in our process. The technologies we’ve developed and proven have applicability that benefit our customers in ways we are excited to leverage. We offer customization and collaboration to solve our customer’s challenges.  We welcome the opportunity to leverage our tools and process to make even more stellar products for our customers.

FJ Feddersen manufactured the 50 caliber BMG rifle barrel used by Dale Arenson who set a new Light Gun World Record, with a score of 298 with 18 X’s (300 is a perfect score). Check out our Youtube video, where a rifle with a Feddersen 10/22 Magnum barrel is shown cutting cards from 100 yards distance.

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