1911 GOV’T Threaded Pistol Barrel – .45 ACP – Matte Steel


The F.J. Feddersen 1911-45-GOV-STD-TM is a match-grade, .45 ACP precision threaded barrel for the popular 1911 Government handgun. Our 1911 replacement barrels are milled from 416 stainless steel using our patented production techniques and decades of gunsmithing experience. FJF gun barrels are perfect replacements for the original factory barrels. Just drop one in for the perfect fit and improved accuracy. This model does not have a ramp. This model has a threaded end that is ready for silencers, and a matte stainless-steel finish for low reflectivity.

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The 1911 GOV’T is a classic handgun designed by John Browning. This firearm was used in many of the major conflicts of the 20th century as a US service weapon. It is still popular today and the weapon of choice for many gun owners. This classic design is well over 100 years old, but it is still desirable, especially with a match-grade barrel from F.J. Feddersen.  Our precision-manufactured 1911 GOV’T gun barrels are milled from 416 stainless steel with the same precision and quality you have come to expect from FJF. Adding one of our barrels is like getting an instant upgrade that improves the accuracy of your shooting. This is the .45 ACP threaded version without a ramp. It has a matte stainless steel finish.

This model does not have a ramp.

Threaded Barrel
Many shooters enjoy the fitting silencers to their 1911 pistols for quieter shooting and improved stealth. Our 1911 threaded barrels use the popular thread pitch of .578-28 x .450 which is compatible with many favored silencers on the market. It comes with a stainless steel thread protector and O-ring. Additional thread protectors available here.

Matte Stainless-Steel Finish
Our gun barrels look as good as they shoot. Our matte finish for stainless steel is evenly applied with media blasting techniques that give our matte barrels a low reflectivity with diffused highlights. Each F.J. Feddersen barrel is marked with our logo, a symbol of our legendary quality. The caliber is indicated on the top of the barrel.

F.J. Feddersen’s 1911-45-GOV-STD-M barrel is compatible with most 1911 GOV’T (Government) pistols in .45 ACP.

FJF 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
F.J. Feddersen provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unhappy with our pistol barrel after shooting it, you can send it back for a full refund excluding delivery costs. See our return policy for details.

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