KelTec PMR30™ Threaded Pistol Barrel + Muzzle Brake – Gen 2

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Our PMR30 Threaded Barrel with FJF’s Muzzle Brake is a perfect combo for Gen 2 PMR30s.  Our threaded barrel replaces the stock barrel of the PMR30 and our PMR30 Muzzle Brake helps decrease the muzzle rise allowing for more consistent follow-up shots. FJF’s advanced SEP rifling and tight tolerances improve the original barrel design as well. The barrel comes in a beautiful and durable blued finish and the muzzle brake is nitride-coated for durability. USE OF A SUPPRESSOR WITH THE PMR-30 PISTOL IS NOT RECOMMENDED, ONLY FLASH REDUCERS AND MUZZLE BRAKES.

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In 2008, KelTec’s Design Engineer, Tobias Obermeit had the vision to build a semi-auto .22 Magnum pistol that holds 30 rounds in a flush-fit magazine. The PMR30™ was based on an early, futuristic-looking design by George Kellgren. The KelTec PMR30™ was released in 2010 with high praise and stands out as one of the most innovative and unique handguns in the world today.

How to Tell Whether Your KelTec PMR30™ is a Gen 1 or Gen 2 
There are minor differences between a Gen 1 and Gen 2 PMR30™ and the barrels should not be interchanged. The easiest way to confirm your PMR30’s generation is to inspect your serial number. Do this before ordering.

  1. GEN 1 – The serial number starts with 1 letter (A-Z) and is followed by a numeral (0-9).
  2. GEN 2 – The serial number starts with 2 letters (A-Z)

Due to the unique locking action of the PMR-30 pistol and the lightweight slide and barrel, the use of a suppressor is not recommended as it will cause an increase in gas volume and pressure, and the slide will likely unlock early. This will cause an increase in gases and residue that is ejected back towards the shooter’s face and could also cause a case rupture to occur. Any damage or injuries caused by the use of a suppressor or other heavy-weight muzzle device attached to the PMR-30 pistol will not be covered by any Warranty.

Ammunition Recommendation
We recommend using our PMR30 Muzzle Brake with CCI Maxi-Mag 22 WMR 40-grain ammo. Lower power ammo and/or lightweight bullets may cause failure to feed problems due to a lack of energy to cycle the slide all the way back. Please use eye protection when shooting the KelTec PMR30™.  We also recommend NOT loading more than 15 rounds in the 30-round magazine to avoid failure to feeds.

The PMR30 threaded barrels and muzzle brakes are threaded 3/8×24 instead of the typical 1/2×28. This is partially due to the thickness of the barrel and to prevent people from suppressing the PMR30.

Blued Finish for Barrel
Our blued finish for chrome moly vanadium steel is evenly applied with blackening technologies that give our muzzle brakes an attractive, traditional gun finish. The coating will provide years of hard-wearing protection and corrosion resistance.

Nitride Finish for Muzzle Brake
A nitride finish for aluminum is evenly applied and gives our muzzle brakes an attractive, traditional gun finish. The nitride will provide years of hard-wearing protection.

F.J. Feddersen’s KT-PMR30 Barrel + Muzzle Brake kit is compatible with KelTec PMR30™ Gen 2 pistols.

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